Baby Sensory Taggy Box

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

At 11 months old Ms A loves to explore things. She especially likes to pull things out of boxes and containers and she’s ‘as happy as Larry’ sitting and working on emptying a packet of baby wipes.

So with this in mind I decided to make her a ‘taggy’ box.

It was super easy to make and she loves it. Here’s how to make your own.

What you will need:

A box

some lengths of material

sticky tape to seal the box

pens to decorate

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

I carefully made some holes in the top of the box.

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

I tied a knot in one end of our material.


I threaded it into one hole and out of another before tying the second knot at the opposite end of the material.

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

Then I used sticky tape to seal up the box before decorating with pens.

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

How simple was that!!

Baby Sensory Taggy Box

Boo loved exploring her tag box and the cause and effect of pulling on the taggies.

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