Family Days Tried and Tested provides inspiration and ideas. We want you to make lasting memories and achieve great family days of your own.

Ultimately, we are a family with eight children, although not all live at home any more. We live in Pembrokeshire in west Wales in our home we built within a church. We love the outdoors and aren’t afraid of muddy wellies.


What are we about?

We want to share our sense of adventure and show that great memories can be made with your children no matter the weather, location or budget… a little imagination goes a long way.

Over the years we have provided honest reviews of places to visit and hidden gems to find, predominantly within South Wales but also venturing into other areas.

We love a walk on the hills or a stroll on the beach. But also do fun stuff at home too. Family Day Tried and Tested is all about helping you to create the best memories together.

Adventuring through life
with love and dysfunction in tow.”

Being Two

This photo has been shared widely for years. But do you know the story behind it?

Holly House

When you need a home for a large family, you sometimes have to think outside the box. We built our home inside a church.

We’re a Team

In our home, both parents work inside and outside the home as we’re a team.


Awards and Achievements


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