Baby Sensory Busy Cube

Baby Sensory Cube

At nearly 8 months old Ms A loves to make new discoveries. She loved her Baby Sensory Pouch so I decided to make her a sensory busy box for her to explore with things I had laying around the house..

First I chose a box. I used an empty baby wipe box.

Baby Sensory Cube

I made holes in the box and used strips of an old fleece scarf which I cut into strips and pushed through the holes.


I tied a knot at each end so the strips could be pulled but would not come out of the holes.

Baby Sensory Cube


Next I made some simple feelly sensory bags to stick onto the sides.

I then glued some old CDs to the side of the box.

Baby Sensory Cube

I used some double-sided velcro to attach some chunky toys for her to explore.


I filled another pouch with bells for some jingly jangly exploring.



I used packing tape to cover the box and attached a peg to the top with strong tape.


I cut out some photos of people that Ms A would recognise and stuck them to the box.

The last sensory pouch was filled with crumpled up tin foil.


She loved her feelly sensory cube and you can see it in action HERE.


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