Baby Sensory Play Mat

Baby Sensory Play Mat

At 9 months old, Ms A loves crawling around exploring her surroundings, touching and feeling everything. So we had to make her one of these! She loves her homemade baby sensory play mat and it was really easy to make. Here’s how…

I decided to make her something which would tease her senses. I used a roll of wrapping paper and things I had around the house to make a baby sensory play mat for her.

baby sensory play mat

I laid the wallpaper on the kitchen floor and used sticky tape to attach it to the floor. I used the method of placing the tape onto of the paper so it overlapped covering half the paper’s edge and half of the floor. This ensured that the paper would not be pulled up by little fingers.

Then I raided the cupboards for things that she would find interesting.

Here’s a closer look at what I used:

  • Old CDs
  • Some sticky-backed paper placed onto the cardboard sticky side facing up
  • Two paint bags (I made these by putting paint into a sandwich bag and then placing the bag into a ziplock bag to doubly seal it)
  • I used permanent marker pens to draw patternsbaby sensory play mat
  • Some scrunched up brown paper (again I used sticky tape overlapped around it to stick it down)
  • A piece of felt (It’s actually a brand new duster from the pound store)
  • Some bubble wrapbaby sensory play mat
  • A piece of shiny reflective card
  • Play dough placed in a ziplock bagbaby sensory play mat

I also used a cardboard box to make a simple tunnel.

I threaded ribbon through holes and secured tightly with a knot. (Obviously adult supervision is required at all times.)

baby sensory play mat - play tunnel

She loved crawling through.

baby sensory play mat

She especially seemed to like the squishy paint bags.

baby sensory play mat

And the bubble wrap.

baby sensory play mat

It literally cost pennies to make using materials we already had kicking about and she thinks it’s fab.

Check out the video of her exploring it.

baby sensory play mat

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