Halloween For Toddlers

Halloween for Toddlers

This really was a full day to keep them busy! Noah had his friend visit and we had three areas for play: an under table cobweb filled haunted house, a mummies changing room and an autumnal pool. We explored and tasted jelly eyeballs, made hedgehogs and played with lots of sensory things including spaghetti webs, porridge ghosts, a hazelnut bottle, balloons, torches and pumpkin oranges. We finished our day carving our own pumpkins. (The adults did all the cutting.)

This is an ideal way to spend a spooky day with the littlest ones in the family.



Halloween for Toddlers - Under Table Haunted House

(You too can make a Loot Filled Monster as seen on the table)

 We used a king size fitted sheet that fitted over the table and legs.

Halloween for Toddlers - Under Table Haunted House

I used toilet paper and a white bin bag cut into strips to make spooky cobwebs. Then I stuck them on with sticky tape.

Halloween for Toddlers - Under Table Haunted House

I made a ‘Beware Haunted House’ cardboard sign.

Halloween for Toddlers - Under Table Haunted House




I used a large box (found one from a neighbour’s new kitchen appliance) to turn into our mummy house. I covered it with a white tablecloth and filled it with light coloured cushions. I draped it with toilet roll over the top and left two toilet rolls for the kids to play.

Halloween for Toddlers - Mummies House


We used baby porridge and buttons for our tasty ghost messy play.

Halloween for Toddlers - Spooky Porridge


I used a few drops of food colouring to dye the spaghetti for our creepy Dracula spider webs. Once the spaghetti had soaked for a couple of hours in the water with the food dye I rinsed it off well and added some plastic teeth.



I used some empty Easter egg cups to make the eyeballs. I placed a raisin in each one and made up the jelly using only 1/4 pint of water. I put them in the fridge to set and ran under hot water to make them easy to remove from the moulds.

Halloween for Toddlers - Jelly Eyeballs


We collected leaves on a walk which we put into our paddling pool along with other sensory items.

Halloween for Toddlers - Halloween Sensory Pool

There were spiders in our spaghetti cobwebs.



I mixed together flour, salt and sunflower oil to make a dough. We then used spaghetti for our hedgehog spikes and a hazelnut for his nose. We finished off with some googly eyes.

Halloween for Toddlers - Playdough Hedgehogs


You’d be surprised how an 18 month old can dig in. We’ve got lots of Awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas for inspiration if you want to be really creative.

Halloween for Toddlers - Pumpkin Carving

They loved scooping the seeds out and getting all mucky!

The adults carved the eyes and all that was left to do was light our creations…

Halloween for Toddlers - Pumpkin Carving

Bigger kids will love the Gruesome Halloween Lucky Dip. And we’ve got lots more Halloween Ideas for all the family.

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