Welcome To The World Cake

Sometimes things go wrong…but don’t give up.

🍰💙🌍 We baked a cake, a very special cake, we had a vision….it was intended to be a four layered ‘welcome to the world’ caketo be enjoyed on a ‘welcome to the world‘ picnic for babba Jude.

It didn’t go to plan 😂

But we didn’t give up. The 12 year old got disheartened that it disintegrated when we took it out of the oven, had a moody and buggered off to her room… understandable I guess given that we’ve baked a ton of cake before and never quite failed so spectacularly.
So we cracked on in her absence and set about salvaging the mound of mess.

And salvage it we did and turned it into a glorious cake fit to welcome a king to the world 🤴

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The 12 year old came back downstairs after a while and try as she mightto remain moody she could not ignore the stupendous awesomeness ofthe creation that greeted her….

She was reminded that sometimes things go wrong…
But cake is cake
And giving up isn’t fruitful.

We ate the cake on behalf of Jude..

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