Some Days – For No Reason

some days for no reason

Mental health is something that affects us all. In good mental health or not, during the up and downs of mental health, it’s good to have the knowledge that clouds can be lifted. And that clouds grace us all to a degree.

I like to see myself in relatively good mental health although once in a while I am sad too. 

If you are struggling to emerge from a dark cloud please do not sit in there alone. The world is always here to help. We can help each other, no matter how you lost your sanity in the first place.  ?

Today while I sat in the sunshine under a pesky cloud I doodled how, on occasion, it feels to me.
















Some days are just some days…

But when the sun shines it shines brightly.

I support World Mental Health Week. Who wouldn’t?

Talking over a cup of tea is what the world needs.

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