Eggs… Not Just for Boiling

fun breakfast ideas with eggs
If you follow our Facebook Page you will already know we like to have fun with our eggs at breakfast. It’s easy to make a simple dippy egg and soldiers into something that will start everyone with the right attitude for the day.


In our mission to set everybody off on the right foot we had eggs for breakfast, and we all chose words to write onto our eggs. I then wrote the words with permanent marker pen before boiling them. Elis picked a joke, Mila decided on a nice rainbow message for me and I offered words of encouragement…. Hopefully it set them off with a belly fully of brekkie and a mind full of love topped up for the day ahead…

fun breakfast ideas with eggs


Uh oh!

Poor egg. This got us thinking, and talking, about what to do in an emergency so that tomato ketchup helped us practice life saving activities for kids after school that day.

fun breakfast ideas with eggs

Faces are Fun

I used a permanent marker to draw on our eggs before boiling them.

fun breakfast ideas with eggs

Don’t stop at silly faces as you can decorate the whole egg to amuse the kids.

Minions boiled eggs

fun breakfast ideas with eggs

Christmas pudding boiled egg


We learnt etiquette and elocution lessons starting with some food for thought with our ‘Eggiquette eggs’ for breakfast.

fun breakfast ideas with eggs

Bouncing Egg

We placed a raw egg in distilled vinegar and it dissolved the egg shell completely leaving a bouncy egg in its membrane. Unfortunately Mila got excited at the experiment and bounced the egg a little too hard before I took a photo of it.

bouncy egg

Egg Heads

We planted cress to make egg heads. Simply wash out the old egg shells, add a little soil and sprinkle in some cress seeds. Draw a face on the shell and water your egg head and he’ll grow cress hair within a few days.

cress egg heads

How Strong Are Eggs?

Lastly we heard that you can stand on eggs without them breaking so we tried it and were successful!!

can you stand on eggs

Dragon Egg

I even decorated a duck egg so we could embark on a magical dragon hunt in the woods. With a discreet placement of our sign and eggs we had a EGGcellent day!

dragon egg

You can follow more of our daily frugal magical memory making activities & adventures on our Family Days Tried and Tested Facebook Page.

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