Paint Bag Roll Mat

Paint Bag Roll Mat

It turns out that Ms A did not enjoy painting when we tried it today so I thought outside the box to come up with an alternative way she could enjoy the paint without getting mucky. And came up with the paint bag roll mat. She thought it was fab!!

Mess free and it packs away neatly and can be used time and time again.

At 11 months old it was robust enough for her to crawl on, stand on and roll about on.

So here’s how I made it.

You will need:

  • A cheap clear plastic shower curtain (mine was just a few £ from IKEA)
  • Some wrapping paper or wallpaper
  • Selection of coloured paint
  • Sticky tape

Paint Bag Roll Mat

First I laid the shower curtain on the floor before laying the wrapping paper onto one half making sure to leave a good sized border free.

Paint Bag Roll Mat

Then I squirted paint over the paper.

Paint Bag Roll Mat

I then folded the shower curtain over so it overlapped and I was able to fold it underneath the enclosed wrapping paper.

Paint Bag Roll Mat

I then used sticky tape to seal the joins.

Paint Bag Roll Mat

Finally, I used some thick packing tape to ensure the edges were extra sealed and no paint could escape..and that’s it!

Paint Bag Roll Mat

All that was left was to let Ms A explore.

Paint Bag Roll Mat

And when she’d had enough it just rolled up until the next time.

Paint Bag Roll Mat


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