Homemade Christmas Bauble Wreath

You can’t beat a homemade Christmas craft and we loved making this one, it turned out so effective and will last forever!

We decided to make a Christmas wreath with baubles. And best of all, it only cost us 75p pence to make. Crazy, eh? It was so easy that the 4-year-old and I completed it from start to finish in under an hour. 

Beforehand I visited a charity shop to pick up some second-hand baubles and then I scoured my cupboards for a wire coat hanger. And then we set about putting together our wreath.

Firstly, I bent the coat hanger into a circular shape making sure to leave an overhanger at the end to enable me to put it back together. Then Boo threaded on the baubles. It was really easy for her to do and she had lots of fun choosing which colours baubles to put on. It also helped with her fine motor skills and gave her a sense of pride.

When it was finished I bent the wire back together and added some string to hang it. How utterly wonderful did it turn out? We decided to add some LED battery-operated fairy lights – these were purchased in the pound store and simply wound around the baubles.

We also used these lights to make our fabulous Christmas Tree Nail Art Keepsake! And we love that we can pack it away with the decorations after the festive period and then bring it out again over the years. Do take a peek at our other Christmas activities too!

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