Recycled Hanging Stained Glass Window – Lockdown Family Project

How wonderful does our stained glass window look?

We decided that we wanted to make a piece of art together as a family to hang in the garden. This was something that we made on the kitchen table and everyone took turns dipping in and out doing a little during the day.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • A piece of Perspex or an old photo frame
  • Permanent Sharpie marker pens and/or sweet wrappers (we used some leftover from a tin of Quality Street)
  • Some PVA/Elmers glue
  • Waterproof sealant

We started by digging in the garage to find an old Perspex panel that we had left over from a building project a few years ago.

We laid a large piece of paper on the table and drew on our design.

We then laid the Perspex over the top and started the process of placing our sweet wrappers on top until we knew what arrangement we were happy with.

When happy with the design, we heavily brushed each wrapper with glue and laid it in position. We also brushed over it with a little more glue to make sure it was fully covered.

Once all of our wrappers were in place we then used our permanent marker pens to colour in the rest of the picture.

We left our artwork for a few hours to dry before using a small amount of black acrylic paint (you could use a black marker pen) to paint on the ‘lead’ of the stained glass.

We left it again for a few more hours before covering the whole lot, frame included, with a good amount of waterproof sealant.

We added a few nails to the side of our frame and headed to the garden to find somewhere to hang it.

I’m not quite sure how well it will bear up in the wind or rain so we hung it in an easily accessible place so we can take it down quickly during bad weather to give it the best chance of lasting longer.

If you don’t have any sweet wrappers, you can still create artwork on perspex like this Sharpie Stained Glass Window.

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