Baby Sensory Pouch

Baby Sensory PouchI noticed Ms A (4 months old) was fascinated by the noise of a crinkly crisp packet but I didn’t want her to hold it in case it scratched her. So I decided to make it into a safe and non-scratchy sensory pouch for her.

It was really simple and only took half an hour. I used one of the pretty dresses she had outgrown. Here’s how I made it…

I picked an old cotton dress and ate an obligatory packet of crisps.

I then cut the dress so that when it was folded it would conceal the packet.DSC_0566

I then folded the material in half so the inside of the material was on the outside, then I folded over two opposite sides and ironed to create a crease to sew along. This just left one end open.IMG_1842

I turned the pouch back the right way and inserted the crisp packet.IMG_1841

I then sewed along the edge that remained open.IMG_1840

All that was left was to give it to Ms A….she loved it 🙂  You can watch the video here.IMG_1836

I’ve also make her a Baby Sensory Den and Baby Sensory Cube, both of which she adores. We’ve got lots more ideas for babies and toddlers in our 50+ Baby Activities from 0 to 18 Months. Once crawling, Ms A also loved her Baby Sensory Roll Mat.

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