How To Make Fabric Fairy Wings

What little person doesn’t love fairies? Little ones are always on the look out for evidence of fairies and what better way to do this than to make your own magical fairy wings to wear on an adventure.

Here’s how we made ours:

We started making our fabric fairy wings by cutting out a wing shape from an old sheet, making sure to leave lengths to attach to the wrists and neck.

We decorated our wings with a selection of paint that we had in the art box. You could use fabric paint to ensure they last.

 We let our wings dry and then tried them on. It was as simple as that!

To go with our wings, we made a rustic fairy wand by attaching ribbons to a stick with a hair bobble.

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And all that was left to do was to venture into the fairy woods for a magical walk in the hope of spotting some fairies.

You could also apply the same instructions to make butterfly wings or Super Hero capes!

Have you seen our magical adventure when we went hunting for shed fairy wings?

Or maybe you could make your own Tree Stump Fairy House Night Light?


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