Hunting for Shed Fairy Wings


Did you know that fairies shed their wings as seasons change? This is done as the night turns to day while the sunshine delicately chases the dancing moonlight away. If you are really lucky you may just be able to find these elusive fallen wings that have fallen intact onto beds of glistening morning dew drops.

Our magical adventure began with the discovery of a letter hidden within a book about fairies which we read at bedtime. This was the start of our hunt for shed fairy wings.

I started by writing a letter to secretly place within our bedtime storybook for the girls to find.


I dusted it with fairy glitter, folded and placed it in our fairy book. (Our fairy book was one I had stumbled upon in a charity shop.)


Meanwhile, I secretly made our fairy wings. I made two types. Firstly, I walked through the woods to find some delicate skeletal leaves which I carefully cut into wing shapes, sprayed with hairspray and dusted with glitter. The second set of wings was simply a beautiful coloured autumn leaf. Once again, I cut it into a wing shape and dusted it with glitter.



At bedtime we read our book, discovered our letter and I filled Mila’s 5 year old mind with tales of woodland and mountain fairies and a magical enthusiasm that we could find some fairy evidence for ourselves.

So with our fairy wings discreetly tucked away, we headed out under the cover of darkness in search of seasonal change fairy wings. Here’s how our hunt went.

We decided to head to the mountains. We arrived while the light in the sky was changing from dusk to dawn and the sun was starting to appear.


Mila led the way with her fairy book which coincidently had a map within it.



We found evidence of fairies. And mushrooms.


We saw dew drops that were suitable to catch fallen wings.


We even looked for water fairies.


And then! Just as the sun was peeping through to greet the morning, and the moon was descending with the darkness, we spotted something!


There they lay! Glistening in the dawn sunrise and just as we had read, laying on a bed of dewdrops. Fairy wings!


We delicately scooped up our precious & elusive find. They were real! Dropped by fairies! Found by us!
Beautiful autumnal fairy wings… shed within seasons change.


Full to the brim of fairy magic, and an imagination that sparkled with the treasures within our pockets, we headed home.


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  1. Brilliant! Such lovely photos to go with it too. I wonder if my two boys will find it as magical?!
    What mountain is this?

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