Toddler Spring Hunt Mini Adventuring


As part of our ongoing mini adventuring with toddler Noah I decided to start on some simple hunts for him, our first started with a simple hunt for Spring…

We found all on our list apart from the Snowdrops which we then went on to discover on our school run walk.

Here’s how our hunt went..

IMG_5521.JPGwe picked up some bread on the way for the ducks..

IMG_5522.JPGNoah wanted to feed the squirrels, but they kept their distance..

IMG_5524.JPGwe found our first natural treasure from our list!!
It was a strange looking Pinecone..

IMG_5523.JPGwe checked it from our list..

IMG_5525.JPGthen we found our feather..

IMG_5526.JPGwe then headed to the lake in the hope of finding our ducks…
We found lots of frozen puddles on the way..

IMG_5532.JPGand when we got to the lake that was frozen too… But it didn’t stopped Noahs ability and optimism in trying to entice out some ducks..

IMG_5528.JPGand he waited

and waited

and threw more bread…

and then they came…..


And they came in hoards ????

IMG_5531.JPGwith our bread devoured we carried on with our hunt and stumbled upon a fantastic tree which we decided was a mythical Octopi Tree ????……Noah faced it full on..


IMG_5535.JPGafter lots of exploration he retreated with plenty of mud in tow..

Our first toddler hunt mini adventure went well, Noah had a fab time and bought home some lovely treasures..

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