How To Make Scotch Eggs

How to make Scotch Eggs

This morning Noah, 4, awoke and asked if he could have a scotch egg…’I had a dream about them mumma’ he told me.

So I decided to make his dreams come true and we opted to wing it (without even the aid of Google!) and make our own. I think I impressed myself. 


We bought breadcrumbs, sausages and eggs… I intended to buy sausage meat but there was none in the shop so I called on a little help from a friend.

Credit where credit is due… thanks SandraIMG_0908

We started by skinning our sausages.


Then we peeled our previously hard boiled eggs.


Then was the messy business of coating our eggs in the sausage meat.


We got there eventually…


Once coated we dusted (plonked) our Scotch eggs in flour before brushing with a little beaten egg (this helps the breadcrumbs stick).


We then dunked our Scotch eggs into breadcrumbs.


We fried them in a little oil for around 8-10 minutes turning whilst doing so.


We finished off by placing them in the oven 200C for around 15-20 minutes.


And voila!!! Who’d have thought a 4 year old could be so proud…


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