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Stained Glass Butterfly Wings Costume

Children love to dress up and run wild with their imaginations and this is the perfect craft to combine the joys of a gluing and sticking craft together with an end result of a magical butterfly outdoor adventure.

It can be easy to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors with a little bit of creativity and these beautiful wings are fabulous encouragement for little ones, and once they’ve helped you put them together they’ll be proud as punch and eager to head outside.

Things you will need

  • Cardboard (I used a box)
  • Sweet wrappers (I happily helped polish off a tin of Quality Street)
  • Clear plastic (I used the packaging from a new duvet set. You could also just use layers of sticky tape)
  • PVA glue
  • Ribbon or string
  • Sticky tape

I began by cutting out the shapes for our wings. You could fold a piece of cardboard in half and cut it to make one piece when folded out.

I had to stick the two halves together using sticky tape.

Then use sticky tape to attach your clear plastic.

We then cut our sweet wrappers into small pieces before brushing them with glue to stick them onto our clear plastic.

We then left the wings to dry.

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How beautiful do they look? They would be perfect to wear on a Butterly Hunt.

Once completely dry, I poked two holes into the cardboard so I could thread some ribbon through to use as shoulder straps.

And all that was left to do was to head out with our wings.

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