7 Beautiful Forest Of Dean Picnic Spots 

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Tintern Old Station

The Forest of Dean sure is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to have a picnic. Here are 5 gorgeous spots you could try…

Lower Wyncliff Viewpoint

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Lower Wyncliff Viewpoint

Lower Wyncliff viewpoint is a lovely location. It’s based alongside the car park which is the start of the Eagles Nest walk. You can sit and take in the view and explore the immediate area or choose to cross the road to embark on the walk to the Eagles Nest viewpoint.

The Eagles Nest

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - The Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest offers truly stunning views.. Take the 365 steps up through a magical enchanted fairy wood from the car park on the A466 and prepare to have your breath taken away by the stunning views that await you.

Tintern Old Station

Tintern Old Station is a must for little train enthusiasts. Nestled alongside the River Wye, it’s a picturesque feast for your eyes. It boasts a play park for the children, a sculpture walk and a real train in situ. There are plenty of picnic benches and a tea room during the day.

Walking along the river bank through the meadows is an idyllic way to spend an afternoon.

It’s free to visit at any time but during business hours you will be required to pay a couple of pounds for parking. Map Here

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Tintern Old Station

Biblins Bridge

Biblins Bridge is a great spot to enjoy a few sarnies, the kids will love crossing the awesome bridge!

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Biblins Bridge
Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Biblins Bridge

It sits on the river Wye. We walked along the river, watched canoes pass, threw stones in the water, climbed trees and found a fab place for ice cream at the end of the path in Symonds Yat, 1.5 miles down the track which was suitable for bikes and buggies. Map Here


Wenchford sits near Blakeney in the Forest of Dean.  It’s a fantastic picnic site with toilet facilities, you can sit adjacent to the stream to supervise as the kids splash about and there are some lovely views. Usually, there is a small parking charge. Map Here

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Wenchford

Mallards Pike

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Mallards Pike

Mallards Pike is a stunning place for outdoor dining. There are loads of picnic tables around the lakes and it’s a fab place to walk and explore – ideal for some cycling and greatly accessible to wheelchairs, etc. Map here

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Mallards Pike

Cannop Ponds

Cannop Ponds are an idyllic place to visit any time of the year. It’s quite a magical place for paddling in streams that amble amongst the forest – take a towel! There is an abundance of a different variety of birds ideal for bird watching and if you are very lucky you may come across some wild boar which regularly visit the site. Map here

Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Cannop Ponds
Forest of Dean Picnic Spots - Cannop Ponds

There are so many hidden gems in the Forest of Dean waiting to be discovered… what are you waiting for? Make those sandwiches, gather your picnic blanket and head out on a mini adventure.

How about joining our official Family Days Outdoors Exploring Facebook Group to find oodles of hidden gems within the Wye Valley?

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