The Important Things That Make A Forever Friendship


A true friend doesn’t need to be knocking on your door every day…

We make friends, break friends, shed friends and lose friends. But some friends we hold onto forever even through the most minimal of effort.

A true friend is someone you may not see for years but can still get together, eat ice cream and put the world to rights as if you’d never been apart. Friends that will knock on your door unannounced and you eagerly let them in without worrying about the mess and chaos that surrounds you. Those friends that you know will carry no judgment when you’re pulling your child down from climbing on the worktop or while you’re picking up discarded pants. A friend who does not care that you haven’t brushed your hair or that you’re still in last night’s sweats. A friend who isn’t concerned that last night’s dishes are still in the sink or that the wash basket is overflowing.

A true friend will see through all of that and bring you happiness in their company. We all need that friend who will listen to us during our downs and laugh with us during our ups. A friend that will tell us how it is. A friend who will tell us what we want to hear along with what we don’t. A friend who will love us despite our choices and support us without judgment.

True friends will build you up and never feel a need to knock you down. But most importantly, true friends’ hearts are always open for each other regardless of time absent and choices made.

True friends see sunshine in each other’s company even when it rains. True friends are always there in the shadows watching your back even if you don’t see them.


And that’s the importance. Friends who remind you that you deserve to be loved. Who share your tears as fully as they share your laughter.

Those who love you unconditionally for the person you are.

Those who value your time for the wealth it holds.

Those who will sit with you in silence without a need to talk.

True friends will always sit on the sidelines ready to step in when you need them. But most importantly it’s the knowledge that you don’t have to be in each other’s pockets. The knowledge that you both have busy lives. The knowledge that there is no expectation or obligation. Knowing that regardless of any absence – days, months, even years – you are still both right there with the ability to come together and reconnect as if you’ve never been apart.

Those are the important things that make a forever friendship.

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