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Magical Pearl Hunt

Magical pearl hunt

It’s so easy to introduce a little bit of magic and make-believe into childhood. It can turn an ordinary walk into an extraordinary adventure in a child’s eyes. We went on a magical adventure to find dropped pearls to make a necklace…

I took a length of wool and some pearls with holes for threading (we got them in the pound shop) which I dropped along our walk for Ms A to find.

She had a wonderful time discovering them and it kept her enthused to walk. She was pleased as punch as her brother helped her thread them onto the wool.

She walked for two miles without complaint which has got to help her sleep well!

It was so easy and so magical for a little girl with a wondrous imagination.

Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friends? 😉

Magical pearl hunt

Do check out our easy ideas to try to add a little bit of magic to childhood.

Magical pearl hunt

Magical pearl hunt

If you would like to be in the outdoors more but the kids aren’t so keen, we’ve got lots of ideas to help. There are oodles of simple ways to keep kids enthused about walking, from real life word searching to hunting for chocolate frogs.

Sometimes a teeny bit of make-believe and magic can go a long way.

Magical pearl hunt

Our walk took part on the Blorenge Mountain in Abergavenny. It was the most perfect and beautiful location for it and suitable for all level of walking enthusiasts. It’s a great place for little legs and has the most spectacular views for the most minimum of efforts.

You can find details of more of the places we explore by joining our Family Days UK Outdoor Group – a community of parents sharing all the fun of the outdoors. From outdoor and natural play activities and ideas to recommendations on places to visit within the UK.

Magical pearl hunt

If a little bribery is what it takes to get the kids enthused about walking then you’ve nothing to lose and plenty of fresh air to gain!

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