7 Weeks Of Summer


7 weeks of summer and it’s really strange
how you’re going to grow up and your mindset will change
as you move on from the juniors and into big school
where your aim will be to grow up, to fit in, to be cool.

I won’t wait at the gates or wave you off in the playground
I won’t tussle your hair with your new mates around,
But you’ll grow in your character, and you’ll shed primary fast
And you’ll head into teenagehood with your middle years past.

You’ll stop collecting key rings, you’ll discard uncool toys
You’ll start thinking of music, and fashions, and make up and boys
You’ll forget Tracey Beaker, you’ll forget Scooby Doo
And you’ll grasp onto a new stage that is waiting for you.

You’ll be just short of an adult, but you’ll still be a child in my eyes
You’ll finish in primary and you’ll say your goodbyes
And you’ll enter new circles you’ll make new lifelong friends
You’ll make fabulous new memories and find new ears to bend.

And your wings will grow fast and will strengthen each day
And your time spent in primary will feel like a lifetime away
You’ll grow up overnight into a whole different world
You’ll become a young lady and no longer a girl.

You’ll grasp responsibility, you’ll have choices your own
And although you won’t see it, overnight you’ll have grown
As you head out of primary and into big school you go
You won’t even look back and certainly not know

That my heart will be melting as I ponder on years
As I remember your first day, when you were 4 and I left you in tears
And you adventured quite happily and never looked back
And now it’s the same as you head down a new track.

As you jump out of primary, and I know change is in store
As you start a new chapter, like you did in primary before
But this is the last stage, the bridge that takes you away
That sets you new challenges where it’s not all about play.

In the space of the summer your life changes all round
You’ll discard hopscotch and skipping and new friends will be found
You’ll grow taller than me, your hormones will rage
And you’ll let go of a childhood and embrace a new stage.

You’ll forget about rope swings, you’ll forget about dens
You’ll want all the new gadgets to fit in with your friends
You’ll grow in a confidence, you’ll find a new voice
Peer pressure will catch you, you’ll be smothered with choice.

But you’ll grow in your character, you’ll grasp onto your say
You’ll stand in a crowd and you’ll find your own way
You’ll flourish and thrive, as your new chapter awaits
And you’ll let go of my hand as you head through the gates.

And you’ll soon fit in comfy, and the change will take hold
But you will not see it as i sit lonely and watch it unfold
As your primary gains distance and sits in your past
I’ll watch on with questions of how it whizzed by so fast.

And I’ll remember the time when you stood as tall as my knee
When you stood in the play yard with your lunch bag and satchel waving at me
When you bounced out of school to show me things that you’d made
And spoke about school plays and games you’d played.

When you took snacks for your break time, reading books came home,
You had school fetes and book sales, gold stars and stickers on clothes
You sang songs in assembly, hung artwork you’d made
Your coat pegs had pictures, your achievements displayed…

But now it’s 7 weeks of summer, and for me it feels strange.
With a knowledge of difference I foresee the change..
As you head off to big school, as you tried a new track,
As you bound off with excitement and never look back.

I remember my baby, as you stood by my knee,
As you held my hand tight and took comfort in me,
But now you head out, you venture alone
And I’m left with a knowledge that you’ve suddenly grown.

But I’ll still be here waiting at the end of the day
To listen to stories and all that you say
To still hold your heart and your hand firmly in mine
To watch as you grow, stand tall and shine.

But I won’t wait on the play yard, I won’t stand at the gate
But I’ll still watch the clock and each day I’ll wait
As you return home from school, as you wander back home,
Each day a bit bigger and a little more grown.

I’ll remember your school days, when you stood by my knee
Right there on the play yard, just you and just me.
But now it’s 7 weeks of summer, and it sure does feel strange.
How you’re going to grow up but our love will not change.

You’ll still be my baby, you’ll still stand by my knee,
You can still hold my hand
And find comfort in me…

We had a wonderful End of Term Breakfast and have our Resolutions for the Summer. We won’t waste a minute. Graduation Day comes far too quickly.

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  1. Beautiful and so true, its hard when they change and grow but you lov for them grows too xxx

    Love your site and how positive you are xx

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