Looking For Love With Chalk Pens


Looking for love with chalk pens


We headed to the beach with a packet of chalk pens with the intention of capturing an essence of ‘LOVE’…

Our pens were £6.99 from Ebay (see photo below) and are a fabulous addition to keep in our bag for some outdoor fun. They wash/rub off quite easily and are versatile to use on many surface including glass.

Here’s some of our makes…

Do also take a look at this pebble fun idea too.

Or our beach activity ideas.

And here are some more chalk pens ideas.


DSC_0994 (3)

DSC_1000 (1)

DSC_1002 (3)

DSC_0986 (1)


DSC_0952 (1)

DSC_0971 (1)

DSC_0992 (1)


DSC_1392 (1)

We even spotted the Red Arrows in the distance making a love heart in the sky!

DSC_0979 (1)


Our fun was had at Rest Bay in south Wales.
For more fabulous beaches in south Wales see our GUIDE TO THE BEST BEACHES IN SOUTH WALES.


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