Fun In The Dark Ideas For Kids

Fun In The Dark Ideas For Kids

Kids love glow in the dark fun: building dark dens and playing with torches and light-up objects, experimenting with shadows and star gazing… So I’ve put together a great bunch of ideas for you to have your own ‘Darkness’ themed fun.We’d love to see what glow in the dark fun you have too…

You can get bundles of glow sticks from pound stores. If you don’t feel safe incorporating them into your bath you could pop them into plastic bottles for extra safety.

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Star Gazing Fun idea to do with kids

See how we made our under table den…

Building a Bear Lair

We have loads of ideas to make your garden fun for kids..

How about heading out to the park as it gets dark? Take some torches for extra fun!

Yes, we did take a duvet to the cinema!

Childhood wouldn’t be complete without some Traditional war wounds through play

Jars, bottles and cartons are great for creating with.

Whether you camp inside or out there are always loads of activities you can do while camping with children.

A sheet hanging on the washing line in front of a light window makes a great shadow charades platform.

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How fab does this light-up fairy village look? See how we made it HERE

Cut the top from a milk carton to make your elephant and cover it in coloured squares of tissue paper with PVA glue to transform your elephant into Elmer! Pop in a battery-operated tea light and watch him glow.

Exploring Autumn Leaves With Light

is a great way to learn about changing Autumn colours and seasonal life cycles.

Shadow animals made with your hands using the light on your phone is oodles of fun!

Whatever you do have lots of fun!

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