Throwing Caution To The Wind..



Tonight was a school night but it wasn’t about being responsible on a Tuesday night, it wasn’t about tea around the table or scrub up’s before bed, it wasn’t about reading books or bedtimes.

It wasn’t even about shoes.

Tonight was about throwing caution to wind, absorbing time together & abandoning all responsibilities apart from the responsibility to live, love & share just for the moment.

To gamble, to rot our teeth and sticky our faces on candyfloss, to stay up late on a school night…

To fill foot wells with trousers cuff caked in wet sand…

The simple things…

To watched the day end and have no consequences til tomorrow.

Time is so valuable & ridiculously easy to spend…tonight we spent that time well.

Sometimes watching the sun settle without a care in the world is a great reminder of all you need…

Tonight we threw caution to the wind in favour of making memories…9

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