Savour It All


They grow so quick
in the blink of an eye,
Time doesn’t stand still
it whizzes on by.

with each breath their changing
a new stage each day,
a new phase to go through
new games to play

One day their crawling,
then stumbling steps stood up tall,
we watch on with arms
awaiting a fall..

We scoop them up when they’re crying,
we wipe away tears,
and we try to slow moments
as the days turn to years.

We listen to gurgles,
new smiles make us proud
They find a new voice
that turns from quiet to loud.

They learn independence
their wings slowly grow
and they venture further and further
but always come home.

They explore life with wonder,
they adventure in awe
they discover new boundaries
and push a bit more.

They grasp onto the world
they step out on their own,
and they look over their shoulder,
as we watch how they’ve grown.

And our babies grow up,
overtake us in height
but we remember them teeny
when we paced through the night

When we didn’t quite realise
that time flew so fast
that childhood would fleet by
leaving memories to last

and in the moments we faltered
as toys littered the floor
we didn’t think we’d miss that
and wish to falter some more

we wish for the traumas
we wish for the noise
we wish to go back
and be surrounded by toys

But the funny thing about children,
and the way that they grow
is how the time flies on past
and we don’t even know

Until suddenly one day you’ll sit,
you’ll get caught unaware
and realise your babies have grown.
are no longer there…

So take heed to the moments,
Each day that their small
and remember it fleets by
so savour it all.

Mrs FD

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