Resolutions For Summer


Resolutions for 2016

 Laugh a little louder,
Listen a little more,
Hug a little tighter,
Put on a raincoat and explore…

Read more books together,
Shout a little less,
Grasp on to things that matter,
Let go of pointless stress…

Dance a bit more often,
Turn the music up real loud,
Tell the kids I love them,
Tell them that I’m proud…

Make more time to bounce around,
Walk together hand in hand,
Brave the sea a little deeper
Instead of watching from dry sand…

Make my lap more available,
Give an extra kiss goodnight,
Don’t beat myself up for faltering
Accept that every family fights…

Be a bit more thankful,
Appreciate each day,
Take time to say ‘you’re beautiful’
In every single way…

Don’t fuss about untidiness,
Keep shoes right by the door,
If socks don’t match don’t worry,
Take heed to less is more…

Spend more time wrapped in blankies,
Staring at the moon,
Take moments in the darkness.
And dance around like crazy loons…

Make time to sit and ponder,
Aim to pee alone,
Lead by small examples,
Switch off, put down my phone…

Indulge myself more often,
Worry a little less,
Hide away and scoff on chocolates,
Have no guilt and don’t confess…

Socialise at breakfast,
Don’t lose my head by 9 o’clock,
Don’t shout at things unimportant,
Be the mum that rocks…

Answer all my messages,
Put school letters in a planner,
Don’t be buggered off by rudeness
Or get offended by bad manners…

Try harder to get the bins out,
Get the washing in each night,
Save a bit more money on electric,
Turn off any unused lights…

Be a bit more organised with dinners,
Stop winging it last minute,
Remember I’m the adult,
Don’t play games just to win it…

Look at the stars more often,
Have more bubbles in the bath,
Let the kids be silly,
Absorb it when they laugh…

Accept that accidents do happen,
Try not to rant and rave,
Realise that every kid is naughty,
Don’t expect them to behave…

Don’t fret about more wrinkles,
Or ample greying hair,
Embrace the bed hair status,
Don’t worry about stares…

Don’t judge others on appearance,
Listen more with interest,
Don’t bottle up my feelings,
Just get them off my chest..

Take more moments to have cuddles,
Collect more natural treasures,
Embrace the rain more often,
Enjoy more simple pleasures…

Realise that failures always happen,
Walk before I run,
Endeavour to make light of situations,
Inject everything with fun.

Relish each and every moment,
Ensure I switch from fast to slow,
And try to grasp their childhoods,
And take time to watch them grow.

Don’t end the day on bad notes,
Make each day a brand new start,
And make the summer break
a good one,
Completely from my heart…

Mrs FD

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