Fun and Easy Bubble Experiments for Kids


Bubble experiments are great fun for kids so we decided to set up our own bubble experimenting station in the garden using things we had around the house.


You too are likely to have these bits and bobs at home meaning you can give this a go any time and don’t need to buy any special equipment. Play outside, if possible, but even inside it is good clean fun so you can do this all year round.

We used:

  • straws
  • plastic bottles
  • cookie cutters
  • a jug
  • a sock and bobble to make a bubble snake
  • bubble solution and bubble bath

Bubble Snake Maker

We started by making a bubble snake. To do this we cut the end off of a plastic bottle and used the end of a sock to secure onto the bottle with a hair bobble. Then we dipped the sock end into a bowl of bubble solution and blew.




I’ve got to admit I was smiling as much as Noah as bubble snakes are really cool.


Even Ms A got hands on…


Noah wanted to see how long he could make his bubble snake so we sat on the trampoline and he blew for ages. He was thrilled with the result and we’ll definitely do this again with the other kids after school.


Straws and Bubbles

We then tried out our bottles and straws. We blew, and blew and blew!





Save your Bubble

We even discovered that if we blew a bubble using a plastic bottle we could save the bubble from deflating by replacing the screw tap… like magic. Science is wonderful, eh?


It was lots of fun and we are now searching the recycle bin for other things try. Noah is a preschooler but bubble experiments are great for all ages so have fun in the garden and do share which experiments work well for you.

Have a look at our Trampoline Fun Ideas as we played with bubbles there too.

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