Honey The School Bear Comes To Life

Honey Bear Finds A Waterfall

Today Noah and Honey Bear decided to go on an adventure deep into the forest in search of a waterfall…

So they put together some cookies and apples, wrapped it in some napkins and set off.Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallHoney was no stranger to the forest and he made short work of climbing.Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallThey came across a beautiful lake and sat together watching the ducks float by.Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallThey looked for things beneath the water and were over the moon to spot a frog!Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallWe carried on deeper and deeper into the forest…Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallHoney led the way and we stumbled across a waterfall!

Honey was intrigued…and a little bit scared.Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallBut it was OK because Noah was there right beside him to hold his hand.

Take a peek at The Random Act Of Kindness that Honey bear did!Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallWe sat by the water for a while watching it bubbling and churning before heading home.Honey Bear Finds A WaterfallI think Honey had a lovely time and is looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.Honey Bear Finds A Waterfall

And it didn’t stop there, we didn’t want Honey bear going back to school without experiencing the every day joys of what we get up to at home too, and that involves housework..lots of housework!

So we gave him a chore list and set him to work….

I think it’s safe to say that Honey bear had the full Family Days experience!

So how did we pose him for his adventures? It was simple! We wrapped and knotted a scarf around his neck and used a length of wood which we pushed into the ground and just stood him up by looping a piece of the scarf onto the top of it….how effective does it look.

See pic below..

Do take a peek at Honey Bears Woodland Adventure too.

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