Trampoline Fun Ideas

Trampoline Fun Ideas

You have to love a trampoline for bouncing. But here are some alternative ways to enjoy your trampoline.

These could be great birthday ideas too!

Use chalk to make your own giant game of wibbly wobbly Trampoline Twister.

trampoline twister

How about making a pillow fight arena?

trampoline pillow fight

Get up early to watch the sunrise and all the beautiful colours as the sky changes from night to day.

trampoline ideas

Add some bubble bath for some slippery fun.

trampoline ideas

Make an under-trampoline den. Do ensure no one is on the trampoline when the den is in use.

We’ve turned the trampoline into a letter & number-hunting area!

I wrote on some ball pit balls with a permanent marker pen and we then used an egg timer to time our hunts.

A tip to cover the springs.

trampoline ideas

Have some bubble-blowing fun. We’ve got lots more Fun and Easy Bubble Experiments for Kids.

trampoline bubbles

How about investing in a trampoline tent?

Put a pop-up tent up and camp out.

trampoline tent

How about a cloud-watching arena?

Learn colours and shapes using chalk and bounces!

trampoline ideas

Turn your trampoline into a huge bed and read stories or star gaze. But make sure you do plenty of bouncing on your bed!

trampoline bed

You can even turn your trampoline into a water balloon fight arena!

trampoline ideas

We put together a list to bounce around on the trampoline to remind us of things that we can do less of and things we can do more of. We used chalk pens which washed off afterwards with a scrub.

And how about forgetting about the kids and having your own Trampoline Date Night?


How about getting messy with a Trampoline Custard Pie Fight Arena?

Trampoline Custard Pie Fight Arena

Turn your trampoline into a blossom arena.

Use chalk pens to turn your trampoline into a fun learning arena.

How about turning your trampoline into a silly string battle arena?

Here’s what we included in our Weekend Box.

The possibilities are endless.SaveSaveSaveSave

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