Freezing Bubbles in The Freezer

IMG_3897.JPGOne of our favourite things to do on a frosty morning is freeze bubbles!! Blowing them on cold mornings onto frosty grass results in them freezing into beautiful and delicate icy bubbles which shatter at a touch.

But we didn’t want to wait until the arrival of the cold mornings so we did it in the warmth of the house in the freezer!!
We’d tried before and failed & then found a way of doing it…a simple secret to frozen bubbles without leaving the kitchen…

Here’s how our bubbles turned out.

We blew the bubbles in until we got some that settled

IMG_3900.JPGand slowly they froze..

IMG_3898.JPGas we left the freezer door open some of them slowly melted making the spheres mishape and collapse..



IMG_3902.JPGand when we shut the door for a few minutes the bubbles froze solid and shattered when disturbed..



But what was the secret?…….small bubbles!! We used little packs of small party favour bubbles and it worked perfectly…


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