Pillowcase Nightdress

pillowcase nightdressWe made a nightdress using a pillow case! It was super easy and a great introduction for kids to simple sewing. Here’s how it was done.

1. Choose a pillow case.

pillowcase nightdress

2. Cut open the sewn closed end.
pillowcase nightdress

3. Turn the pillow case inside out and fold over the cut open end, crease with an iron.

pillowcase nightdress

4. Add a length of ribbon all around the underneath of the fold.

pillowcase nightdress

5. Make two holes to pull through your ribbon to leave two ends to tie.pillowcase nightdress

6. Use a needle and thread to sew the fold down all around being careful not to sew the ribbon as this will be a drawstring tie.

pillowcase nightdress

7. Cut two holes for the arms. You could fold these and sew down for a neater finish.

pillowcase nightdress

8. Turn the pillow case back the right way and slip on, use the ribbon as a drawstring to tie to the required comfiness.

  1. pillowcase nightdress

Have you seen our School Uniform Memory Cushion? There’s an easy ‘no sew’ option. Or how about the Baby’s First Sleepsuit Keepsafe Bear? Again, there’s no sewing needed!

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