IPhone Close Up Challenge Answers

iphone close up challenge answers

We set the kids the challenge of taking photos of objects found around the house before we set each other the challenge of identifying them. We called it the iPhone Close Up Challenge.

How many did you get right? 

1. Roll on deodorant

Close up challenge - roll-on deodorant

2. A bottle of bubble bath

Close up challenge - bottle of bubble bath

3. A Pen

Close up challenge - a pen

4. A pair of scissors

Close up challenge - scissors

5. A tea bag

Close up challenge - teabag

6. A tin can

Close up challenge - a tin can

7. A fork

Close up challenge - a fork

8. A toothbrush

Close up challenge - a toothbrush

It was a really easy game that all the kids could play which encouraged them to look at things from a different perspective.

Give it a go!

Feel like expert now? We’ve got more for you to identify. See Look Closely, What’s That? and Look Closely Again.

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