Ghost Hunting & Spooky Storytelling

IMG_8625.JPGWe headed to the woods for some spooky fun, we had our own ghost hunt after I had pre placed some paper cut out ghosts in the trees. We visited the library and chose some books, took our pop up tent & feasted on some yummies whilst reading our stories by torchlight. Once we had finished I managed to scare the hell out of the kids on the way home, I disappeared into the bushes after telling them a spooky story of someone who had died at the rope swing oak tree, I emerged from the bushes a few minutes later screaming at them to RUN! Sure enough they ran all the way home leaving me behind. We had great fun although I did scare myself.

Here’s how we got on…

I headed out before dark and pinned paper ghosts to the trees..

IMG_8617.JPGI put them high & low..

IMG_8618.JPGonce it was dark we headed to the woods with our torches, a pop up tent & some spooky books..

IMG_8619.JPGwe played silly beggars with our torches..

IMG_8620.JPGthe kids used their torches to search for the ghosts and were rewarded with spooky goody bags once all the ghosts in the woods had been banished..

IMG_8621.JPGwe then set our tent so we could read spooky stories we had got from the library..


I stood outside the tent rustling the trees as they sat in the tent ๐Ÿ™‚

The kids had a spooktacular!!

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