For Mothers

A message for mothers..

They come in all forms, they’re not stereotypical. The only thing I think that really makes somebody a mother is her ability to exude love. That doesn’t always necessarily come with childbirth, mums can be picked up along the way, gifted to us by fate, born to us from the shadows as a ray of sunshine within a storm. Anyone has the ability to be a mother, if that is truly what her heart desires then she’ll exude maternalness & it’ll be fated as a gift to be preciously accepted by somebody along her path & in turn passed on.

If you have arms that accept and nurture, a voice that soothes and reassures, eyes that show belonging or an ear that will listen unjudged then you are a mother.

If you can heal with a kiss, condone with a tone, serve up content with praise then you are a mother.

If you fear you are faltering, worry you could do better, think of them often when they’re absent then you are a mother.

If you are proud & your heart exudes love, then you are a mother.

Motherhood isn’t always a natural process & it does not carry shoes that fit all… but anyone can be awarded the role, it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, you can walk barefoot just as long as your heart exudes love…

Anyone can be a mother…

If the shoe fits.

Mums come in many disguises.

Some mothers are fleeting in their company but their influence lasts a lifetime.

Anyone can be a mother.

For my momentary foster mother whom I’m sure has no idea of her lasting effects, a natural mother that exudes love..

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