The Oodle In Our Love 

When you’ve partied hard in the early hours, woken everyone up with your vocal need for breakfast, had the poonami from hell after bouncing vigorously in your Jumperoo, pulled copious amounts of hair and pretty much worn everyone in the house out by 8am….you then crash and burn in the blink of an eye…

And we’re then left debating whether to cover you in kisses and wake you up because we already miss your beautiful chaos. It’s crazy how one little person can define the workings and runnings of everything you do…

She’s the centre of our universe and we are her world.

She’s the awesome spanner in our works that shifts our focus.

She’s our reminder of all the things that don’t matter and our view of all that’s important.

She’s our appreciation when we need it and the oodle in our love.

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