Teenagers And Night Feeds

Teenagers and night feeds

His bedroom exudes that teenage aroma. It resembles a squat on frequent occasions. It’s a breeding ground for cup and bowl fungus and the floor is a natural clothes horse… But it’s his space and he enjoys it. An upstairs pit that has become his gaming abode and sleeping ground for large chunks of the day…

He ventures out scantily clad to fridge forage and cupboard loot for food frequently during the early hours and late evening. He will grunt at any forced elongated times he is encouraged to socialise or summonsed to do pre-allocated chores. He’ll shower excessively or not at all 😂

But he’s so full of love ❤️

And he’s willingly emerging to take a hold of this little man.

He’s besotted.

And it’s beautiful.

Jude has a protector. A teenager. A big brother that is already looking out for him.

And I have the company of two beautiful sons at 1am in the morning.

Sleep is overrated.

Good company is a blessing.

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