Conker Capers & Milestones

collecting conkers

Don’t you just love the autumn! The colours, the cold, crisp blue skies, the falling leaves… It’s a time when nature’s loot is in abundance and some of our most favourite walks are to find conkers.

With the recent storms, the conkers have fallen in their hoards a little bit earlier than expected. So we headed out to collect some.

collecting conkers

It’s the absolute perfect season to pull on some welly boots and head out for some autumn fun.

We headed to our local castle and country park and, sure enough, we found loads.

collecting conkers

With the summer over and the bigger children back at school, I have made a conscious decision this week to embrace a slowing down ethos with toddler Ms A. Watching her explore and discover at her own pace was lovely.

collecting conkers

Without the chaos and speed of her elder siblings, she really took the time to take in her surroundings without any haste.

She was super pleased to watch a tractor passing. I think she’s just about ready to do a Things that move mini adventure…

collecting conkers

We collected oodles of conkers to take home.

Ms A took ample pleasure in picking up a feather.

We have loads of

Conkers, Hazelnut and Acorn Ideas

collecting conkers

She explored everything with an intricate and wondrous eye and chubby inquisitive fingers.

And when we got home we used our conkers to make a special nature milestone bat to lay Jude on.

Jude and conkers - 4 weeks

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