Chocolate Conkers

Chocolate Conkers



Do you enjoy collecting Conkers, Hazelnuts & Acorns? We do too but we also love this alternative idea.

We decided we were going to make some yummy chocolate conkers…

We used:
A box of Toffifee
A bar of milk chocolate
Half a bar of Caramac chocolate

Here’s how did it.

First we heated the chocolate button on our Toffifee for a few seconds until soft, placed a skewer in the middle and then pushed the two halves together, the softened chocolate acted like glue… We left them for 15 minutes in the fridge to harden back up.

IMG_3627.JPGWe melted the milk chocolate in a bowl placed in hot water..
Then we dipped our Toffifee skewers into the melted chocolate. We left them to harden back up in the fridge..


IMG_3625.JPGonce set we then melted half a bar of caramac in a bowl over hot water and dipped in our conkers, again we left to set..

IMG_3624.JPGfinally I twiddled the skewer gently to loosen it and carefully removed them from our conkers. This left a hole which i threaded the string through…



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