Searching for Frost Fairies


Todays walk was just that, just a walk with no real plan, just going with the wind ๐Ÿ™‚
But we did have one mission in mind and that was to try to find evidence of frost fairies & ice queens. We set out early morning as the sun rose & passed lots of frost whilst in the car but when we arrived at our destination there was none, so we improvised & made it up as we went along…we headed for Talybont in the Brecon Beacons….. It was a good day & made lovely by the company of big little miss FD (16). We had a few disputes with a 16 year old versus a 9 year old in the back of the car but in fairness I expected worse. It was a lovely day in late November.

We did find evidence of frost fairies on our adventure much to the enchantment of the 2,5 & 8 year olds ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here’s how our adventure went…

We stopped at the bottom of Tor y Foel, Talybont and found ice in a mucky puddle. It was our first sign that we may be fruitful in finding evidence of frost fairies.


We then drove onto Talybont waterfalls walk…hopefully to find some fairy evidence…


It was beautiful.


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Then we found lots evidence of a fairy enviroment.

We found funghi…promising for our hunt.


We found signs of squirrel eaten lunch.. or breakfast


We walked across logs.


We watched water falling, and kept our eye out for water fairies…


We were careful but looked from every angle.


We were in the forest valley in the mountains, we walked up in the shadow of the mountain behind us but could see the sun glowing on top of the one in front us, it certainly looked like the autumn fairies had been busy at work..


We found real fairy seats…. Ice queen thrones maybe?


Noah was the fairy king!


The biggest girl led the littlest girl past the biggest beautiful tree ever.


finally!! We found the smallest glint of evidence… some fairy dust. (Which I had sprinkled discreetly..shhh!)


Then we found what we thought was a fairy house.


And then just as we were getting towards the end of our walk we found a mushroom covered in what we could only describe as frost fairy fairy dust, it was icy blue.



We even found a plant that looked like it was a hairy fairy beard plant…. Very rare. Very very rare.


Our frost fairy search was very fruitful! We found lots of evidence of fairies and had a great time exploring Talybont lower Blean waterfalls…. We stopped off on the way home to watch a beautiful sun set over Pen y Fan and planned our next adventure….


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