The Sun Had His Hat On

So the sun seems to have finally decided to grace us properly & evidently with a big fat hat on.

It’s been a strange week that seems to of just fleeted past quickly, luckily on the whisp of a sunbeam. We started on Sunday with a visit to the forest to hunt for boar, pan for gold in the river & damn build. All were successful.

We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the good weather without having to tow a load of wellies and waterproofs with us and enjoyed some hazy lazy days. Towards the beginning of the week, we focused on some messy play with baby Noah. I filled the paddling pool with shaving foam and made some discovery bottles. We made cute watering cans, danced under blossom trees and made the most of the sunshine with a bit of extreme bank rolling with the aid of a garden watering butt filled with cushions. As I sat watching the kids scramble in the butt it finally dawned on me why my children are always sporting small bruises and scrapes on their arms & legs. I hope they have a memory for every war wound when they grow up. We also did some wheelbarrow racing in-between clearing the garden & loading a skip. And yesterday, we played in the park til the sun went down.

Mila learnt how to blow a grass trumpet, although that’s all she did as holding the grass was a bit tricky so I held and she blew. We even hedged our bets with a little snail racing and I am now firmly skint of any lose change smaller than pound coins.

It’s been a good week. I braved Tesco and managed to spend £130, then return home with a realisation that there’s still really nothing much in the cupboards (although due to the weather, the freezer now resembles a well-stocked ice cream van). I paid the road tax with a lump in my throat and the Orange mobile bills. Thankfully we have just enough left to fill the car and hit the road at the weekend with the treat of a Subway on our travels. Hopefully, it’s gonna be a weekend of beautiful sunrises and appreciative sunsets, sand beneath our toes and maybe a climb to eat cake in the clouds. There’s no doubt there will be a few arguments along the way but that’s us. My main priority for today is to contemplate what I can cook for tea with my freshly stocked cupboards.

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