Judes Birth – Life Through A Lens

A few days ago on the 16th of August i was lucky enough to be at the birth of my little brother Jude. He was born at exactly 6:42 am weighing in at 8.4 pounds, he was a little bundle of joy!

I was by my mum’s side all the way and was able to capture these shots of Jude’s arrival. The experience was one I was lucky to have and will definitely never forget… Welcome to the world babba Jude!


The Beginning

My mums labour started in the early hours of the morning, she used gas and air to manage her contractions for a while before the last stages of Judes birth began….


..the nurse anticipating Jude’s arrival…

The Last Push

after 10 minutes of pushing Jude came into the world!

In The Moment

a few moments after Jude was born…

First Encounter

..the first time mum held Jude!

Swirls & Curls

Jude’s swirly hair!

Tied forever

Jude had a lucky knot in the cord to go with our lucky room number 7!

   In mums arms at last…

As a part of Judes birth we wanted him to stay attached to his placenta for a while so that the chord could finish doing its job completely and transfer all the nutirients to him. He stayed attached for about an hour until it was climbed and cut. This gave us some time to have a good look at the home he had grown within inside my mums womb over the last 9 months. It was like a tree.

You can also

*take a closer look at Judes placenta home*

From one home to another

The first kiss

many, many more to come!


holding on tightly!

A First Taste

the first feed!


then i handed over the camera and Jude and i met too…


See Jude Meet His Siblings Too

thank you for looking through my photos of babba Jude’s arrival i hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as i enjoyed taking them, it was an experience i will never ever forget!


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** Eden Mei is 12 years old and adventuring with her camera. She always welcomes nice comments and honest constructive criticism which she uses to help her learn and improve. **

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  1. Eden Mei you have a special talent for the photographs you take and the words that you describe them with. What a wonderful post. Congratulations x

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You really have a talent for capturing the moment, thank you for sharing something so special. Your family are incredibly lucky to have you behind your camera capturing your lives together X

  3. Eden-mei you are such a talented person. Your photographs are unique and truly beautiful and have captured the love shared by you all. Welcome Jude you have arrived into a remarkable family. Congratulations Mrs FD

  4. Eden-Mei…. you have been showing your talent for a while now. But you have surpassed yourself with these. Such beautiful pictures that say a thousands words. Am literally crying with joy at such stunning pictures.

  5. Dear Eden ,
    What beautiful pictures, what a lovely birds eye perspective and narrative.
    I particularly loved your placenta tree photo.
    Wishing you and your family very happy times with Jude, congratulations ! ❤️🎉 Xxx

  6. What wonderful pictures of such a special time for you all ! You should be very proud of your talent Eden- Mei and you’re all so lucky to be part of such a loving family . Very beautiful and touching photos !

  7. So beautiful, how someone so young can take photos with an adults eye is amazing, they are wonderful and wonderous at the same time. Well done, I so proud of you, and I’ve never met you. Xx

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