Another Week. Windmills, Waterfalls, Wild Swimming & Heartbeats



So we are coming to the end of another week, it’s been a very good one even if a little bumpy at times. We started the weekend basked in glorious sunshine that rolled off our beautiful welsh hills, the rain stayed away and we all absorbed a lovely taste of summer…. We grasped it with both hands and by the armfuls with an unwillingness to let it go.
Our week started with a trip to Somerset, we visited a 5000 year old Neolithic burial chamber & with headlamps and torches were able to explore the chambers, one of only a few that allow you to do so. And it was free. We stopped off at Nunney castle for a few skips around the moat & with a picnic in hand spent our afternoon fine dining at Stembridge Tower Thatched Windmill…. A truly gorgeous location. (We even found a mouse, disappointingly without clogs on but still there, on the stair, a little mouse)….. We finished our day at the beach as the sunset in Weston-super-Mare, eating fish and chips and cutting our losses from the 2p machines…
We continued the weekend with full intentions of a gorgeous roadtrip to the mountains, we went through the usual traumas of kitting up, herding the kids, settling arguments over seating arrangements & set off for the hills….. No sooner did we set off that we had to return after an unexpected projectile vomit in the close confines of the car from baby Noah, (Mr Family Days sparkly nearly new clean smelling & uncluttered car! I knew it wouldn’t last) still with sunshine overhead we stayed close to home with sick bowls & piles of towels at arms reach…. Luckily it was a 24 hour thing and we used the opportunity to tend to the garden, washing and other mundane necessities which I could quite happily neglect when the suns out.

Monday came & we tried again, aware of the bank holiday traffic we were undeterred we packed up, pulled on our walking boots, settled arguments & took changes of clothes, towels, ducks & lots of yummies and headed for the hills. We embarked on a beautiful climb in the Brecon Beacons to a beautiful lake nestled behind Pen y Fan (the highest mountain in South Wales & one of our favourite haunts) here we were treated to a discovery of lizards, frogs, spawn, leeches and other wildlife, the kids dipped in the water and sailed a raft. We descended the hill along a river which we raced rubber ducks down. We finished our walk with a dip under a waterfall….

Tuesday normality returned, housework, washing, school runs, and unfortunately heart conditions too. Still in our stride we tried to maintain normality but had to have a trip to the doctors & cardiac unit to try & put Mila, 4, back on a good path of twinkling heartbeats as she presented a little poorly, (I shall blog about the heart condition that graces us shortly for those of you unaware)…. With a jiggle of meds & a full m.o.t we hope to be ticking along nicely back on track soon.

Overall it’s been a lovely week, unfortunately I haven’t had ample time to further work out this blogging lark, but still on my list I intend to get my head around it over a takeaway on Friday evening….

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    1. Thankyou Liz. Large families are great 🙂

      Mila is doing good thank you, she’s ticking along beautifully now & enjoying a custard cream biscuit sandwich that she invented & made all by herself. x

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