To Start, Under a Blue Sky on a Wednesday Morning

Ok, so I finally succumbed. I fretted, toiled, scratched my head quite often and even stepped away from the computer several times. But I returned. I still don’t have much understanding but I am sure I will learn by error as we go along. Here I am, me, I am blogging.

As a quick brief, our home has been Facebook for around 9 months now and I decided to branch out. We class ourselves as Family Days. It’s us, on a day-to-day basis exploring the world (beyond our doorstep) and sharing our journey, our adventures, our discoveries, and sometimes our trials and tribulations with a little dysfunction thrown in along the way and a lot of normality. We hope to inspire and reinforce with you that our belief in natural play โ€“ play that doesn’t cost the earth โ€“ a little muck, cream cakes with beautiful backdrops and sprinklings of magic here and there can go a long way, create happiness, stability, install a sense of adventure, freedom and maybe even a touch of self-confidence and an aspiration to grab the world with both hands. Our biggest aim is to show you how you can achieve great memories of your own with the simplest of things regardless of your finances, surroundings, amenities or capabilities.

We are a family with 6 offspring (21, 15, 9, 7, 4 and baby Noah). Mr Family Days works full-time & I work part-time. We also both cook, clean, do washing, sort out arguments, contend with school runs and traumatise over bedtimes. We are on the whole skint but with petrol in the car and most often wellies on our feet we grasp a willingness to try and make those memories that most often are free but priceless in their value & lifetime lasting. In the process of trying to make those memories, it doesn’t always go to plan or we may stray from direction but we have fun building times to reflect on. And memories of all sorts are formed along the way.

So that’s us, Family Days Tried & Tested, welcome to our blog.

Please bear with me on this blog as I haven’t got a clue.

Find us on Facebook in our natural environment.


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