Ten Little Toes

Ten Little Toes
Ten little toes.

I could be sleeping

In my comfortable bed

But I’m sat and I’m staring

At a baby just fed

She’s fuzzy and cosy

She’s contented, serene

She’s happy in slumber

And deep in her dreams

She’s playing in meadows

She’s marvelling at trees

She’s intrigued by the ocean

And her cheeks feel the breeze

She’s snoring and sighing

She’s warm and she’s sweet

She’s finding her voice

And she’s just found her feet

And I’m staring right at them

Those beautiful toes

That I kiss when I see them

Along with her nose

But I should be in bed

Chasing my dreams

But I realise I’ve found them

Quite evident it seems

I’m awake, I’m not dreaming

my dreams have arose

And they’re settled before me

Ten little toes.

Mrs FD.

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