Let Our Kids Be Kids 

Let our kids be kids

Don’t stand in their way

Let them imagine

Just let them play

Let them just shout

Scream in delight

Let them push boundaries

Bicker and fight

Don’t give them direction

Just watch close by

Don’t clip their wings

When they’re eager to fly

Let kids be kids

Let them discover, explore

Don’t stand up above them

Get down on the floor

Let them go barefoot

Let them dig in the dirt

Catch their tears when they’re crying

And give kisses when hurt

Let them watch tv

Let them climb trees

Let them collect childhood war wounds

Grazed elbows & knees

Let them have ice cream

Wear chocolatey chops

Let them have sweeties

And blow bubbles in pop

Let them be silly

Let them make mess

Let them have choices

Sometimes choose how to dress

Let them believe in magic

Play with imaginary friends

Let them choose books

And decide how they end

Let them splash in puddles

Let them dance in the rain

Let them do it once more

Then let them do it again

Let them paddle in the ocean

Let them sit surrounded by sea

Let them squeal in excitement

As the waves lap at their knees

Let them stay up late to watch movies

Let them stuff popcorn til full

Let them wear sunglasses in rainstorms

Let them feel cool

Listen to their laughter

Show them stars in the night

Watch the moon shine together

Whilst holding them tight

Let them tell you their daydreams

Let them hold onto your hand

Let them express aspirations

And the futures they’ve planned

Let them make mistakes

Give you their heartache to mend

Let them know that you’re with them

And always their friend

Let our kids be kids

Let them flourish and grow

And as their childhood whizzes past

Just let them know

That they’re always your baby

That you’re never apart

And that even in absence

They’ll still hold your heart.

Mrs FD

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