A Letter To My Big Brother

A Letter To My Big Brother

Dearest Noah…

My eyes are always watching,
they take in everything you do.
And when I grow up big and tall
I hope to be like you. 

And whilst my ears are listening
to everything you say,
I’d like to grow up admiringly
to be like you someday.

And the love you show teaches me
to be a person like you are.
With compassion, love and empathy,
you’re my brightest shining star.

You’re my big and loving brother,
you’re an awe before my eyes.
You’re a hero watching out for me,
my angel in disguise.

You’re the centre of my universe,
my whole world is held by you.
You make me smile so naturally
in everything you do.

A Letter To My Big Brother

You hold my focus in your snuggling,
the sparkle in my stare.
You make the laughter in my wriggling
and in my heart, you’re always there.

And in this moment you are five years old
but we share a special bond.
The comfort that you give to me
Is something that belongs.

Because you’ll always be my brother
and even when apart,
You’ll always hold my outstretched hand
and always hold my heart.

 Jude, 10 weeks old.

A Letter To My Big Brother

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