Space Invaders


Space invaders…the reason for the crick in my neck & the love in my heart at 2am in the morning.

I’m thankful for the drafty slither of space left for me, really I am, but I wish they’d adopt a more formal sleeping position rather than that space consuming diagonal stance they always take. It sometimes leaves me in fear of a rising foot escaping the unwanted covers & pounding down limply into my face at any given time or a flailing arm slapping me in my slumberous chops. But for me, this is love.
This is our nest & they’ll be grown and flying from it in what will retrospectively seem like a heartbeat.
These are the moments that I absorb in an attempt to try & stamp them on my memory forever.

This is the warmth that melts me.

These are the memories that I hope will never fade.

For me. This is love….dished out to me at silly o’clock in the morning with an obligatory crick & a dose of early morning insomnia, but worth every penny.

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