Sharpie Stained Glass Window

Sharpie Stained Glass Window

How effective and cool is this super easy to make stained glass window?

A Sharpie Stained Glass Window is a fabulous family activity ideal to do on a family picnic.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • A sheet of perspex plastic (we got ours from a cheap photo frame)
  • Sharpie permanent marker pens
  • A sheet of paper for your traceable design
  • Ribbon/String to hang


Draw your design onto your paper and then lay the perspex over the top…


Colour in your design on the perspex…




Carefully make a hole in two corners to thread your ribbon to hang.


Finally find the perfect spot to hang your Sharpie Stained Glass Window with a backdrop of light, in a tree, in a window etc.

DSC_1468 2

Whilst you have your sharpies out then why not make some of our super easy Milk Carton Butterflies?

You can’t beat simple activities, especially when you barely require a penny to do them, that’s what we love most! Do take a look at our Ultimate List of Summer Fun.

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