Quality Time Fine Dining Breakfast


Before bed I asked who’d like to get up at the crack of dawn with bed hair & blankies in tow to head out & watch the day begin, Mila, 6, volunteered.

It’s so much harder to head out in the summer months with the sun rising so early but we dragged ourselves up at 4.30am, grabbed some cereal & milk…. and the coffee table, & drove 10 minutes down the road to the foot of the Severn Bridge in Sudbrook.The company was beautiful & so was the sunrise, we chatted about boys and maths and ate Cheerios before heading back home and climbing into bed without anyone knowing we had gone…

Quality time is so important within a large family but it doesn’t need to be days out, half an hour watching the sun rise before the world wakes up is a lovely mini adventure to have together and you can even do it in your jarmies 🙂

We found a beautiful spot and laid our table..







It was a lovely start to the day which we shared with each other in the company if the rising sun and the moon watching over us…11148707_1024333604246153_222408034789472859_n


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