Autumn Leaf Window

Autumn Leaf Window

Who doesn’t love the autumn? Wonderful colours, crisp blue skies and leaves!

Leaves are a fabulous natural source of creative fun. The array of colours is so beautiful that we wanted to bring that inside. So we decided to make an awesome autumn ‘stained glass’ window.

Autumn Leaf Window

Here’s what you’ll need:


PVA glue

sticky tape

cling film

Autumn Leaf Window

After collecting our leaves, we rolled out some cling film onto the table. Don’t cut the cling film off the roll as it will be folded over at the end to enclose the leaves.

Autumn Leaf Window

We then coated the leaves in glue and placed them onto our cling film leaving an inch gap around the edges.

Once we had filled our clingfilm we rolled out some more to cover it all. We then used sticky tape along the edges and folded over to seal.

It was as simple as that.

Then we used tape to hang them on our window!

Autumn Leaf Window

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Autumn Leaf Window

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Autumn Leaf Window

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